TEA member registration to the UFI 86th Global Congress

TEA member registration to the UFI 86th Global Congress
  1. Members are able to register for the UFI 86th Global Congress by clicking https://ufievent.org/bangkok2019/registration
  2. Click on the new user button for those who have never registered before, then enter the details. For those who have applied before, please let TEA know. We will coordinate to move your registration to TEA code.
  3. Enter the "TEA member" code in the Association Code field for the special registration rate. Register now click here!

Registration Fee:

  • 1 Euro = 34.1990 THB (Reference from : Bank of Thailand - Foreign Exchange Rates as of 30 August 2019)
  • The price is not included government VAT 7% and withholding tax 3%. TEA will submit the invoice of registration fee to each member. Please pay to TEA only.
  • The participant, who applies for the special rate above, needs to return the meeting report to TEA at least 3 meetings within this 3-day. Please fill in the report form and send by email to TEA within 15 November