About TEA

About TEA

TEA : Thai Exhibition Association 

The Thai Exhibition Association or commonly known as the TEA, is the association of exhibition related business of exhibition organizers, exhibition centres, exhibition stand contractors, freight forwarders and related suppliers dedicated to the promotion and development of exhibitions in Thailand.

The Thai Exhibition Association “TEA” (www.thaitradeshow.com) was founcled in accordance with the Trade Association Act of 1996, under the supervision of the Trade Association Registrar Office, Bangkok Metropolitan in the year 2007. Among the objectives of the Association are to promote the Association, and the operation and servicing of national and international exhibitions for exhibitors and visitors; to earn revenue for the country by promoting Thailand as a location for national and international exhibitions; to promote international standards of facilities and services for exhibitors; and to promote and facilitate cooperation among members and to exchange information and ideas related to national and international trade exhibitions to cooperate with the government and the private sector, e.g. organizations, associations, companies and individuals which the Association considers beneficial to our Association.

TEA's main activities are

  • To represent the majority of the Thai Exhibition industry in various local and international organizations
  • To promote Thailand 's exhibition industry globally
  • To consult the various Government agencies and other non-governmental bodies on development and structural improvements
  • To develop industry specific training programs and assist in University curriculum development The TEA is run by a group of nine elected representatives from all categories of exhibition related organizations in the country.

The Thai Exhibition Industry

Thailand's exhibitions now draws over 10.4 million visitors to these events, generating a staggering 22,000 million baht of revenues utilizing over 3 million square metres of exhibition space in various international standard exhibition centres.

Thailand 's Exhibition Statistics

  • Space utilized annually : 3,000,000 sq.m.
  • 6.5 billion baht on space sales
  • 5.5 billion baht revenue for related suppliers
  • 10 billion baht revenue for the country through spending of foreign visitors.
  • Employs 10,00 personnel, will need 10,000 more in 2010
  • Joint venture between local & overseas organizers are now common in Thailand

A brief History of modern exhibitions in Thailand to Where we are now.

Thailand 's exhibition industry came of age with the opening of its first purpose-built exhibition centre in 1997, the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre. In spite of a challenging economic environment in the 1990s, Thailand has experienced rapid growth in its trade exhibition sector. Factors contributing to its rapid growth include the availability of world-class purpose-built exhibition venues and facilities, the considerable experience of resident Professional Exhibition Organisers (PEOs) and the country's exceptional economic performance, with strong growth in high-profile trade sectors such as food, automobiles, tourism and jewellery, etc.

Complementing Thailand 's impressive economic performance, there has also been an enormous increase in exhibition space of international standard. Today Thailand has over 250,000 square meters of exhibition space in 6 main exhibition centres, such as IMPACT which has 140,000 sp.m. and is the largest exhibition hall in ASEAN, and second in largest in all of Asia , BITEC with 36,000 sq.m. (Voted by organizers as one of the top five venues for exhibitions and conventions in the Asia – Pacific region for the years 2006 : CEI magazine survey), QSNCC with over 20,000 sq.m. with feture expansion plans announced, the PEACH hall in Pattaya and the new Royal Paragon hall with 8,000 sq.m.